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Welcome to the Times Tales Sisters’ Education & Homeschool Blog! My name is Jennie and my sister (and business partner) is Marillee. We are veteran homeschool moms and the founders of Times Tales, an innovative program that teaches children to memorize the upper times tables in the fastest and easiest way possible. Our mission is to provide out-of-the-box resources and support to homeschool moms, parents of traditionally schooled children and teachers.

Read more about our story and the creation of Times Tales.

Our focus is multiplication memorization, but with over 30 years of combined homeschooling experience and 17 years of running an educational business, we have a variety of tried and true methods and resources in many educational areas to help you in supporting your children’s education. We have also partnered with a team of credentialed elementary school teachers to provide you with more resources and a different perspective.

To show our support for parents and teachers, we would like to offer you our 20 Homemade Learning Games and our Times Tales Sample FREE. Simply click on either (or both) links to access your FREEBIES.


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    Jennie Winters is the creator and co-author of the Times Tales®, Pet Math, Memory Triggers, and Zone Cleaning for Kids. Jennie is a veteran homeschool mother to four who now enjoys spending her time writing out-of-the-box educational materials for children. When Jennie isn't developing new products, she enjoys painting, traveling and hanging out by the lake.