A Kid’s Chore Chart System that Works!

A Kid’s Chore Chart System that Works!

Kids Chore Chart Learn How to Clean

Follow these Simple Steps to Teach Children How to Clean the Entire House!

The Chore Chart book is a start to finish, easy-to-follow cleaning system for kids.

Cleaning a messy bedroom or kitchen can be overwhelming for any child. Often children don’t even know where to begin when mom says, “clean up your mess!”.  While there are lots of chore systems for kids, most are just checklists and charts. Although chore charts are a great way to track completion of chores, they do little to actually teach children how to clean. With this easy system of cleaning, children learn not only how to tackle cleaning each room of the house, but also valuable organizational skills along the way!

Disclosure: This post was written by a member of the Trigger Memory team – founders of Times Tales, Pet Math and the Kids Chore Chart.

In many families, the majority of the housework falls primarily upon the parents’ shoulders. Often, it is easier to just do the job yourself! But is that really teaching your child to take part in being a contributing member of the family? Utilizing a book such as the Kid’s Chore Chart Step-by-Step System, will help to incorporate a spirit of teamwork and individual responsibility within the family to cooperatively keep a tidy home. This step-by-step system breaks each part of the house into different cleaning zones: the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Children can work through the house independently and with ease as they follow along each task that is broken down specific to each part of the house.

  • The step-by-step illustrations make it fun for kids of all ages!
  • Children can check the boxes with the dry erase marker as each job is completed.
  • This system is flexible and can be used with families of all sizes.


Kids Chore Chart and Laundry

How the Chore Chart for Kid’s Step-by-Step System Can be Incorporated for Multiple Children

The name of each child assigned to a particular part of the house can be written on the first page of each designated cleaning zone. This enables parents to track the completion of chores as well as rotate the chores with other children. “Time Zone” lines are provided to indicate when a child needs to begin work on their zone. Parents also have the option of adding extra jobs, either designated for specific days of the week, or daily jobs that need to be completed each time a child works on a particular zone. For example, if there is a fireplace in the house, “bring in wood” can be added to the living room’s daily chore.

kids chore chart


Kids Learn Organizational Skills Using Baskets and Labels


Also included in the Kid’s Chore Chart Step-by-Step book are 4 basket labels. These labels are used to help children sort and organize items in their bedroom that need to be put away. This system of utilizing baskets or tubs, is a great way to teach children how to break down a large mess into manageable, smaller units based upon where items belong in their room or the house. Many parents of children that have used this system to clean their bedroom, have stated that a key to their child’s success was taking the “overwhelming” factor out of doing chores. Cleaning a messy bedroom not only can become fun with the Kid’s Chore Chart book, but a rewarding task when there is a step-by-step, easy to follow process.

“My son used to get a look of dread and panic when I would ask him to clean his room. NOW, he gets his baskets and chore chart book, and goes right to work”.


Each part of the house has been segmented into four cleaning “zones”: the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. Within each zone, there are easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to clean each room. The organizational baskets (or tubs) can be utilized in both the living room and bedroom zones.


Kid’s Chore Chart Step-by-Step System to Clean the Living Room


  • 1. Grab a basket or plastic tub and place any items that do not belong in the living room, into the basket.


  • 2. The next step is to return the items. You’ll need to carry the basket to the rooms where the items belong, returning them to their proper place in the house.


  • 3. Tidy up the living room. If there are any pillows on the floor, put them back. Are there any other items that look scattered or out of place? You’ll need to straighten them or put them back where they belong as well. Give the room one last look to see if anything is out of place.

Times Tables Mastery

Kid’s Chore Chart Step-by-Step System to Clean the Kitchen


  • 1. To begin the first step of the kitchen zone, you will need to go to one end of the counter. This will be your starting point. Begin by walking around the counter, grabbing dirty dishes as you go. Before handling knives or any other sharp objects, make sure you have permission first. Once you have reached the end of the counter and have grabbed all of the dirty dishes, place them carefully into the sink.


  • 2. After all the dirty dishes are cleared, go back to your starting point at the end of the counter. This time as you follow the counter, grab any food items and return them to their proper place. Make sure lids and bags are closed tightly. After all the food is cleared from the counter, once again, go back to your starting point but this time grab any items that need to go into the trash.


  • 3. Now it’s time to clear off the table. You will need to grab any dishes, food items or trash that have been left on the table and return them to their proper place in the kitchen. You might need to make a few trips.


  • 4. You will need to check the dishwasher to see if the dishes are clean or dirty. If they are clean, put them away. Next, rinse off any dirty dishes that are in the sink. Once they are rinsed, carefully place them into the dishwasher. Any larger items, such as pots and pans, that need to be hand washed, can be washed during this step.


  • 5. You will need to sweep off all the crumbs from the counter or table onto a plate or into your hand. Then, wipe down the counter, stove top, and table. Next, sweep the kitchen floor and around the table area. Be sure to pull the chairs out and sweep around the table. When you’re done, push the chairs back in neatly. If the trash can is filled near the top, empty it.


Kid’s Chore Chart Step-by-Step System to Clean the Bathroom


  • 1. In this first step, you will need to pick up the items on the floor and counter then return them to their proper place in the bathroom.


  • 2. Next, grab the rag and cleaner and begin wiping down the counter and sink…don’t forget the faucet handles. If the trash can is filled near the top, empty it and replace it with a new bag.


Kid’s Chore Chart Step-by-Step System to Clean a Bedroom


  • 1. Pile it and clean it! For this cleaning zone you will need to have four baskets or plastic totes that are labeled: Books, Clothes, Toys and Return. The “Return” basket is for those items that belong in another room in the house other than your bedroom.


  • 2. To begin this step, you will need to walk in a circle around your bedroom, beginning at the door. Toss any items that are out of their proper place, into a pile in the middle of the room. However, DO NOT toss anything that’s breakable! Those items need to be set carefully next to the pile.


  • 3. Now let’s get ORGANIZED! Place your four labeled baskets next to your messy pile. Then toss each item into the correct basket until your messy pile is gone. Since dirty clothes do not belong in your room, toss those into the “Return” basket…or dirty clothes hamper if you have one located in your room.

Laundry Baskets

  • 4. Next, go back to your started place at the door. This time grab any items that belong in the trash and toss them in the trash can. Do NOT put food items into your bedroom trash can. Those items, of course, belong in the kitchen trash can.


  •  5. Once all the trash has been disposed, pick up each one of your organizational baskets and return the items to their proper place in the room. Continue with this step until all the baskets have been emptied. For this last step, you’ll need to grab the “Return” basket and return items to their proper place in the house. Be sure to drop off any dirty clothes to the laundry room or hamper.


  • 6. Empty the trash can, if it is full.


  • 7. Now that your room is clean, it’s time to make your bed! The first step is to pull up the sheets, so they are nice and tight. Next, pull up the blankets and smooth out any wrinkles. For the last step, you’ll need to place the pillow at the top of the bed.



Now that’s a FUN way to clean a room!

Get the Kid’s Chore Chart Step-by-Step System with Laundry today!

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