Teach Kids to Use Measuring Cups with this Fun Math Game!

Teach Kids to Use Measuring Cups with this Fun Math Game!


The object of TOP OF THE QUART is to see who can fill the quart jar first!

JenHeadshotBWLet’s face it, cooking and recipes are an important part of life skills. During my homeschool years, I was always looking for ideas to make learning fun for my four kiddos. The Top of the Quart game is a hands-on activity that teaches children how to use measurements in cooking.

Disclosure: This post was written by a member of the Trigger Memory team – founders of Times Tales, Pet Math and the Kids Chore Chart.

*For this activity, you will need to first print and assemble the origami game cubes.

Times Tables Mastery

Items needed for this fun math game for kids:

printable game cubes

measuring cups

glass quart jar

dried beans

large mixing bowl



1. Print and assemble game cubes.  Printables_Cubes_Top_of_Quart_Game

2. Fill a large bowl with dried beans and place in the middle of the players.

3. Give each player a measuring cup set & empty quart jar.

Each player starts with their quart jar filled with beans half way full. The first player rolls the game cube to see how much he will either add, or take away from his jar.

For example, if he rolls 1/2 cup AND the plus (+) sign, , the player would add 1/2 cup of beans to his quart from the center bowl. If the player rolled the 1/2 cup and the minus (-) sign, the player would then need to take that amount of beans away from their quart, and add it back to the center bowl. The players continue taking turns adding or subtracting from their quarts with the amount they rolled on the game cube. The first to fill their quart up to the top wins!

Hint! Substitute the beans for water or rice.


5 Ways to Incorporate Learning Games into your Homeschool Routine

  1. Make Friday the Fun Learning Day! My boys always looked forward to Friday because that was the day we did fun hands-on games for math, reading and geography. This is a good way to shake up the routine.
  2. Substitute schoolwork in the summer and during vacations with learning games. During my years of homeschooling, we did not take the summer off,  but the load was certainly lightened. Substituting a learning game as the lesson for the day, eases the complaints from kids having to do schoolwork during the summer months.
  3. Use learning games as a reward for achievement. For example, if your children get their schoolwork done in a timely manner, they can play a game as a substitute for the next day’s subject, such as math or reading.
  4. Write your children’s favorite games on a pieces of paper. Have them draw the game that will be played that day.
  5. As a substitute for a days schoolwork, have your children invent their own game using common household items for learning such as: cards, marbles, measuring cups, etc.

Looking for more fun learning games and activities? Check out the FREE printable book 20 Homemade Games for Learning. It is loaded with engaging learning games to give your homeschool curriculum a fun twist.

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Teaching Kids to use Measuring Cups with this Fun Math Game!



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