Put This ONE Thing On Your To-Do List For Your 3rd Grader! (SPOILER – It’s 3rd Grade Math Facts!)

Put This ONE Thing On Your To-Do List For Your 3rd Grader! (SPOILER – It’s 3rd Grade Math Facts!)

To-Do list with 3rd grade math facts checked off


The list of things you should do to support your children academically is endless. Reading, spelling words, math facts, star student posters, science projects, book reports – I could go on forever. Some of these items just don’t get done while others get done with mediocre results. It is difficult to determine what to make a priority and what will give your children the most benefit for the least effort (not that you don’t want to put in the effort, but you are a busy mom and can only do so much).

Disclosure: This post was written by a member of the Trigger Memory team – founders of Times Tales, Pet Math and the Kids Chore Chart.

The ONE Thing You Need To Do – 3rd Grade Math Facts

If you have a third grader, there is ONE thing you should do that will let you put a big fat satisfying checkmark next to “math facts” and will allow you and your child to enjoy the freedom and comfort of knowing those 3rd grade math facts are mastered. This ONE game changing to-do that will give your child an academic edge is Times Tales.

Times Tales is an innovative mnemonic-based program that makes memorizing multiplication facts fast, easy and fun. The visual, simple stories provide students with a “memory peg” that allows quick and effortless recall of the upper multiplication facts. Times Tales comes in a video (DVD/USB or streaming) or workbook format. Each format follows the same process of introducing the student to characters who represent numbers. For example, a character named Mrs. Week represents the number 7 and Treehouse represents the number 9.


Mrs. Week went to the Treehouse. She raked 6 bags of leaves at 3 o’clock. (7 x 9 = 63)


The Times Tales stories provide context around the characters to make them easy to remember. The visual appearance of the characters also mimics the number each character represents. The characters are then put together to create stories that represent the upper multiplication facts. Makes sense? It might be easier to see the method in action, so take a peek inside:


Times Tales Works!

Times Tales is a multisensory approach to memorizing the upper multiplication facts. Students see the characters and stories develop, they hear the stories being told and they actively participate in Game Show style quizzes and reinforcement activities. Times Tales works and it works for ALL learners.

Times Tales has been used by thousands of parents and has literally hundreds of overwhelmingly positive reviews from amazed parents and teachers. Just a few of these honest reviews are listed below:

  1. AWESOME – Seriously, I feel like this was magic. My son totally understood the concept but just had a hard time memorizing all those numbers and within two days he had that and the division totally down. Thank you!
  2. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! – My daughter had a blast with this product. We watched each section once and that was all it took! She is now back to her main curriculum, which is so much easier as she has these facts memorized. This was easily the best purchase I have made as a homeschooling parent, by far.
  3. SHOCKED IN A GREAT WAY! – Was at wits end trying to help kiddos learn the times tables. They watched once and I was so shocked!! This was the best investment I’ve made in years!
  4. JUST WHAT WE NEEDED – Flashcards, tables and interactive computer games weren’t getting it done for us. Times Tales has cemented my daughter’s multiplication facts in a way I didn’t think was possible.
  5. GAME CHANGER – My daughter was never motivated to study her facts and hated math and now she LOVES math and wants to study her multiplication facts all the time! Such a game changer for us!

Not only does Times Tales work, but it works quickly! Most students will have their upper multiplication facts mastered in as little as two weeks.

Third grade is the year that multiplication mastery needs to happen. Kids who master their 3rd grade math facts quickly have an academic edge. Kids who don’t, fall behind. Make sure Times Tales gets on your to-do list. It is fast, easy, fun and you and your child will agree that it was time well spent.

Have you used Times Tales with your child? Share your experience in the comments.

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Not sure where to put your efforts in supporting your 3rd grader academically? Put 3rd grade math facts at the top of your list. #multiplication


  • Colleen Dahlgren is a credentialed elementary school teacher and consultant for Times Tales®. She has experience teaching kindergarten, first grade and second grade and has two children who are in their late elementary and early middle school years. She enjoys helping small businesses grow and supporting her children in living their best lives!

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