How these Siblings got Rid of Multiplication Frustration

How these Siblings got Rid of Multiplication Frustration

These 8 Year Olds and Their Mama Said “Goodbye!” to Multiplication Frustration

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We know what most moms think about Times Tales…but what about the kids? How do they feel about learning their multiplication tables with this highly unusual method? Inquiring minds want to know! So, we recently got together with a couple of our biggest fans, 8-year-old twins, Kelvin and Anabella.



Times Tales® Ambassadors

You might have seen these adorable kids rolling the cube dice, holding up 100% test scores or confidently spouting off the answers to math facts in some of our Facebook ads. Kelvin and Annabella call themselves the Times Tales Twins (how cute is that?!?) and have become our representatives for thousands of kids out there who have the potential to LOVE doing multiplication NOW, just like them. This was their very first interview, and they came across like pros! 

A Third Graders Perspective

Kelvin and Anabella are in 3rd Grade homeschool and have used our programs to learn the entire 1-12 multiplication chart. They absolutely LOVE Times Tales® and are not shy about sharing their success with the rest of the world! Without further ado, read what Kelvin and Anabella have to say about Times Tales® and our just released Times After the Tales Workbook! 

Boy and girl twins holding up multiplication picture

Creating Happy Memories with Learning Multiplication!

(Side note: they responded to all of those questions in perfect unison *gushing.*)

Question: How did you learn all of your times tables?

 Anabella: Mom gave us games, music, but NONE of it worked. Only THIS worked. Times Tales®.

 Question: What’s the first product you used?

 Kelvin: We did the book, and we did the videos (Times Tales®). Also do you know what we did too? We sometimes went on this multiplication walk, which was like this: we go on a walk, and we do multiplication and stories, then when we get to one of the Dunkin Donuts or stuff we go to…

 Anabella: …or to 7/11, we get a treat.

 Kelvin: …and then we go back home and we explain our stuff, and then maybe class is over or we do our other stuff.

 *Mom chimes in to clarify a little*


 Mom: I take the Times Tales® book and we go for a multiplication walk. I take the flip book and we go for a walk around the neighborhood instead of watching the video at home. So we have our flip book and I say, “tell me about Mrs. Week and the chair,” then they tell me the story and the [corresponding] multiplication problem. Then we get a treat and we come home *smiles*.

 Question: What’s your favorite product?

 Kelvin: Even though I forgot [Times Before the Tales], I think I like every one, because it’s really helpful with the Times Tales®. Very helpful. Really helpful.


 Question: What’s your favorite Times Tales® story?

 Kelvin: My favorite Times Tales® story is the 6th grade class and the chairs.

Anabella: I like Mrs. Week and the chair.

Question: Would you tell a friend about Times Tales®?

Kelvin: I would tell them about asking their parents to try it or teaching them some of the stuff we know so then they can learn their Times Tales®.

Question: Have you ever told anyone else your age about Times Tales®?

Kelvin: Well, we haven’t done it yet but maybe someday we will.

Anabella: *piping up* It’s so easy to memorize!

How to Learn the 11’s & 12’s Times Tables FAST!

A Kids’ Review of Times AFTER the Tales

Did you know that Kelvin and Annabella are also a part of our Research and

Development Team?!?! They are the very first kids to try out and review Times After the

Tales, our newest workbook covering the 11’s and 12’s times tables!  Keep reading to

hear what they have to say!


Question: Can you tell me what Times After the Tales is?

Kelvin: “Like, 11 x numbers up to 9, 11 and 12, 12 x 1-9, and 12 x 12 and 12  x 11, and like 39 x 4, 76 / 8, big numbers times one digit numbers.”

*Kelvin and Anabella both hold up Times After the Tales to the camera and smile, unprompted!*

*Kelvin starts explaining how Times after the Tales 11 (pencil trick) works for single digits, while Anabella silently assists by holding up the book to the camera and delineating along to his narration.*


Question: How long did it take you to learn all of the Times after the Tales? Have you finished it?

Anabella: 2 weeks.

Kelvin: We finished the whole book.

Anabella: *Holds up Times after the Tales* “THIS WAS FUN! And we finished the whole thing–33 pages.”


Question: How did you feel about your upper multiplication tables before times after the tales?

In unison: *thumbs down to the camera* Not so good.

Question: How do you feel now?

Kelvin: It’s SO good, I just LOVE it. I love the Times Tales®. It’s so good.

Anabella: I’m proud of myself for all of the hard work that I did.


Question: Can you give me an example of how Times after the Tales works?

*Kelvin reads aloud about the finger sliding trick while Anabella displays holding up the workbook.*

Kelvin and Anabella: When we did it on page 15, we got it all correct. And it’s really helping!

Upper multiplication workbook

The Times Tales sisters and founders, Jennie and Marillee, released Times After the Tales workbook in late 2022 after many years of requests to cover the 11’s and 12’s times tables. Although the main characters of Times Tales® are NOT included in this workbook, there are  new mnemonic stories and tricks for students to recall the answers to the upper double-digit math facts. You can learn more about this new workbook by CLICKING THIS LINK.


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