Times Tables Trouble? Try this Technique to Easily Memorize Upper Multiplication Tables

Times Tables Trouble? Try this Technique to Easily Memorize Upper Multiplication Tables

A Breakthrough Method for Children to Master the Times Tables… That Works!

If your child is not able to master their times tables, no matter how much time they spend on flashcards and drills, this new memorization technique just might be the solution to your multiplication woes. Times Tales is a visual math program that uses stories and images as a mnemonic memory anchor for children to easily recall the upper, most difficult times tables. Based upon hundreds of testimonies on the internet, this system has proven higher achievement results than traditional rote memorization methods. Utilizing this memory-boosting technique  when learning the times tables, can be so effective that children even as young as 5 years old, can proficiently recite the upper times tables after about only 1 hour of instruction.

Disclosure: This post was written by a member of the Trigger Memory team – founders of Times Tales, Pet Math and the Kids Chore Chart.

A Teacher’s Story…. and what Happened when she Discovered this Method to Memorize

Unbelievable! This visual math program has changed our lives! My daughter has struggled with the times tables since 2nd grade. Her confidence with math, was quickly deteriorating. My daughter’s teacher constantly complained that she had not conquered her multiplication tables. Besides being her mom, I am also a teacher myself. I felt helpless that I wasn’t able to help my own daughter overcome this challenge. I was so frustrated!

As an educator, I am aware of the different ways to learn the multiplication tables.  We tried at least 3 different approaches to mastering these facts (games, songs, rote memorization, etc.)…it was all pointless. None of these methods seem to stick for her.

I learned about the Times Tales program from fellow teacher. I couldn’t believe it!! My daughter was able to memorize the first part, the first day, in less than an hour! I wanted to cry. She nailed every single fact during the game show quiz. It was an amazing thing to see. I can’t tell you how PRICELESS it is to watch your child win a battle like this and achieve their full potential. This method of memorizing the hardest times tables is hands down the best and most effective I have ever seen in all my years of teaching.

From a grateful mom and a very surprised teacher

Times Tables Mastery

When Children Fall Behind from Not Knowing their Times Tables

Teaching the times tables is something that can be frustrating and time consuming. Some children are able to master the multiplication chart quickly, simply because memorization comes easy for them. However, for those children that memorization does not come easy for, trying to master the times tables can last for months, with some students never getting the upper math facts down for years. Since multiplication fact mastery is key to subsequent math, children that struggle to overcome this hurdle often find themselves at a roadblock. From a child’s perspective, watching your class move on while each day you fall farther behind, is something that can bring the emotional pain of embarrassment and defeat.

Rote Memorization Doesn’t Work—Try the Method that DOES WORK!

There is a visual math program called Times Tales that makes memorizing the upper times tables so fast and easy, it almost seems like it’s “too good to be true”. If you search through the hundreds of Times Tales reviews that are available online through various sites, there is one constant word you will see repeatedly written by parents and teachers. The buzzword hundreds of customers have used to describe Times Tales is, “AMAZING”.  It really is amazing to see how the brain can memorize abstract information simply by using a mnemonic aid as an anchor to remember information.

Even a 5 Year Old can Effortlessly Memorize the Hardest Times Tables with this System!

Believe it or not, children as young as 5 and 6 years old can master their upper times tables with this mnemonic, visual method. In this video (below), you will see Sadie (a 5 year old) and Bethany (a 6 year old) quickly reciting their upper times tables. The 5 year old has not yet learned basic math, but she does know her numbers. In the video, she recites the answers as a digit and another digit. For example, when Sadie was asked what is 7×7, she answered “a four and a nine”, not yet knowing how to translate that into forty-nine. The six-year old in the video, does know how to correctly say the numbers (such as forty-nine) but she has not yet even learned what multiplication is.

What is the Point of 5 and 6 Year Olds Knowing their Times Tables?

The first point about having this young of children proficiently recite the most difficult times tables is that it’s a great illustration to the power of mnemonics utilized as a memorization technique. If a 5 year old who hasn’t even yet learned what multiplication is, can have mastery of the hardest math facts, then ANYONE CAN! Another benefit is that when it’s time for these young children to learn the multiplication chart and memorize the upper times tables, they already have the hardest step down.

Many children have no problem with understanding the concept of multiplication. However, where most kids come to a roadblock is memorizing the upper, most difficult times tables. While the lower times tables can easily be computed by reverting back to addition if the child gets stuck, the upper times tables cannot be quickly computed this way. That’s why many parents and teachers consider these the “dreaded uppers”. Memorization of these upper multiplication tables is a key part in mastering the times tables.


With the Times Tales program, children can take the bite out of memorizing by utilizing mnemonics to easily recall the most difficult math facts. You can learn more about what parents, and teachers are saying about Times Tales through testimonials and reviews at www.TimesTales.com.



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