Fun Indoor Snow Activities for Kids

Fun Indoor Snow Activities for Kids

fun indoor snow activities for kids; preschoolers playing indoors with snow

Snow Activities for Kids to Play Indoors

My kids LOVE to play in the snow. If you live in a wintry place and have kids, then you know what this means–pulling out your kids’ winter gear, suiting up, supervising, wet floors, messy cleanup, and dare I say… maybe even having to go outside! Brrr, just the thought of it can make you cold!

Whenever my kids want to go outside and play in the snow, the selfless mom in me knows how much they love it and how much fun they’re going to have. But the me part of me just wants to stay inside, curl up in a blanket, and sip on my nice hot cup of tea. 

Because winter is cold, and I bet I’m not too far off if I said that you can relate!

That’s why I came up with this fun snow alternative that gives everyone what they want!

We bring the snow inside–problem solved!

Is it cheating? Not if your kids are having fun!

And trust me, they will be! 

All you need to do is send the kids or the husband outside to grab some snow and dump it all in a bucket or a container, or even in your shower or your tub. Have fun!

Have a Warm and Cozy Art Class Indoors

cup of tea to stay warm during kids snow play indoors

There are so many ways to have fun with this snow activity. Think of snow as your medium for creating artwork and getting your kids’ creativity flowing!

You can also adjust the activities based on your children’s ages. We started doing this when they were in preschool and my kids are in third grade now, and we still do this! It’s proof that snow is fun at any age!

Use Snow to Learn about Shapes

shapes; 3d shapes; 3d solids

For preschoolers and lower elementary students, snow is a fun way to learn about shapes and 3D solid shapes. Have your child draw shapes in the snow to solidify what each shape is. Ask them to draw a circle, a square, a triangle, a rectangle, an oval… all shapes can be drawn in the snow!

As your child moves on to 3D solid shapes, they can practice by making solids with the snow!

Have them make a snowball–it’s also called a sphere!

What 3D shapes can they use to build a house? Maybe a cube, a pyramid, or even a cuboid!

You can even teach your child about ancient pyramids from around the world and have them recreate them!  

Use Snow to Learn about Colors

You can teach your preschooler about colors by grabbing some food coloring and  adding it to the snow.

Have your child make whatever they want in the snow, then they can dye it with food coloring to learn about colors and even mixing colors!

Build Snowmen Indoors


OF COURSE your kids can still do their favorite snow activities… but inside! Build snowmen, make snowballs, stack them up, and have fun!

You don’t even have to limit your child’s sculpting activities to snowmen… what other kinds of sculptures can they make? 


We love naming the characters we build and telling a story about them. It’s one of their favorite art classes, and it’s so fun seeing their sculpture progress and their stories come to life!


For faster cleanup, I often place an old bed sheet under us. I’ve also used a plastic kiddie pool or a shower curtain–anything to make whatever falls from the ice container easy to scoop up at the end of play time / art class. Every year at the end of summer, I buy a large plastic pool so that we can have messy play indoors, they’re always on sale by then and make cleanup so easy!

I hope you get to try some of these indoor snow activities out and that your kids love them! You will definitely enjoy staying warm!



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