Home-Made Games for Learning

Home-Made Games for Learning


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Teach your Kids Life Skills with Learning Games

Learning games are just that–games that have a secret agenda to help your child learn and practice a concept! 

Of course games can be played at every age, but they’re especially important for young learners. Games play a critical role in the development of children and shouldn’t be pushed to the side to make room for more “important” learning.

An article published by Cambridge University and Press Assessment said that, “through play, children develop thinking skills and abilities that help them to succeed in their future… The balance of enjoyment and challenge makes games such amazing tools for learning.”

You said it Cambridge! 👊👌 👍 

Benefits of Learning through Games

There are so many benefits to teaching your child to learn with games! Gamified learning helps improve critical thinking as well as improve attention, concentration, and memory, to name a few. 

As veteran homeschool moms and founders of the wildly successful multiplication method Times Tales®, it may come as no surprise that Jennie and Marillee not only made math fun for their kids, but every other kind of learning as well! 

While homeschooling a total of 8 kids between the two of them, they would often come up with games for teaching their kids concepts like reading, writing, math, and other life skills.

They compiled their kids’ favorite games into one amazing resource that’s loaded with 20 learning games!

You can go to TimesTales.com and download the entire e-book for free with the code FREEGAMES!

20 Homemade Games for Learning

20 home-made learning games

These games are geared for grades 1-3, but many can be adjusted depending on skill level! Since they’re homemade, you can play most of them with household items or pick up items that you need at your local dollar store.

You can download the 20 Home-Made Games for Learning e-book for FREE with the code FREEGAMES, and get access to all 20 interactive and fun learning games you can create at home!

There are categories of games in the e-book:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Math, Maps, Memory, and Measuring

Here are a just few games from the e-book that you can play right now!

Reading and Writing Games

Sticky Note Match

The Sticky Note Match Game is great for children learning how to read! The basis of the game is having kids match the letter on the sticky note with an item in the house that begins with that letter.

Readers Scavenger Hunt

The reader’s scavenger hunt is a super cute game that tests kids’ reading abilities! Clues are written on pieces of paper that lead kids on an adventure around the house! Once your child reaches the end of the scavenger hunt, they get a prize!

Catch and Spell

Catch and spell is great for kinesthetic learners because it’s so hands on! It involves writing letters of the alphabet on a ball and putting tape on your child’s finger. The players will throw the ball and then say or write down the letter that’s closest to the taped finger. What they do next / how they play depends on their skill level!

Math, Maps, Memory, and Measuring

Don’t Lose Your Marbles

This game is played by players filling each of their bowls up with 20 marbles. Players then roll dice and pick up a flashcard with a plus or minus on it, then they have to either add or subtract marbles (based on the number on the dice) from their bowl. The game ends when only 1 player is left with marbles. It can also be played using multiplication!

Name that City

This is a fun game that uses problem solving and critical thinking while learning how to use maps! Kids have to follow directions (that you provide) to get from one city to the next on a map or atlas!

My Family Memory Game

Do you remember playing memory games as a kid?! Those were my favorite! My Family Memory Game follows the same rules as traditional memory games–where all the cards are flipped over and you have to remember the ones that match–only it’s personalized! This homemade game is way cooler than out of the box… you use your own family pictures on the cards!

Measurement Guess

The object of this game is to see who can get closest to the correct measurement guess! Kids guess the measurement of something in their environment (i.e. a rug) and then take the actual measurement and see how close they came with their estimate!

FREE Learning Games

You can get all 20 of these creative and easy learning games for FREE! Just click on this link and use the code FREEGAMES at checkout!

I hope you and your kids have fun playing these new learning games! Maybe they’ll even inspire you to come up with some games of your own! Let us know if you try any of these games and what you think in the comments!



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