Best Way to Learn the Multiplication Tables

Best Way to Learn the Multiplication Tables

Child learning multiplication through mnemonics on computer with math video streaming

Use Multiplication Stories for Success

Are you in the midst of teaching your child the times tables and are experiencing tears and breakdowns? If any of these words strike a chord, then you can probably relate to the thousands of other parents who are in the midst of multiplication frustration. But do not despair…I have good news for you! 

There is another way to memorize the times tables that doesn’t involve rote memorization, flash cards, drills, and frustration… and it’s called Times Tales®. Times Tales® was developed over 20 years ago by two homeschool moms to help their own kids to master their times tables. I personally was never taught to memorizing anything like this in school. But once I saw how it works, it was a like a lightbulb moment! This right-brain type of memorization method works so well that I even incorporate this in remembering my grocery list!  It uses stories as a memory cues as a tool to recall the answers to the most difficult times tables….you know those upper, pesky ones that can bring tears! 

Think this is too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Times Tales is a research proven mnemonic system that has helped over 250,000 students around the world become multiplication masters! 

Quickly Memorize the Times Tables

multiplication mnemonic characters

  • The Times Tales® Method is a silly, sort of wacky, and completely original and effective way to memorize the upper times tables. 
  • Numbers turn into characters, and those characters are in simple stories. Once kids can remember their stories… THEY CAN RECALL THEIR TIMES TABLES!!
  • There are 18 different stories covering the upper multiplication facts that are often the most difficult for students to master. 
  • The easiest way for kids to learn the Times Tales® Method is by watching the video. That’s right. A VIDEO that does all the teaching for you, so you don’t have to do anything! 
  • You can literally sit back and relax as you watch your children become multiplication masters.

How the Times Tales® Method is Different

It might go without saying, but Times Tales® differs from the traditional approach to teaching kids their times tables. The conventional method of learning multiplication is a left-brained dominant task, but Times Tales® uses a right-brained method. What?!? Math can be visual and fun??? Why didn’t I learn this in school?? 

Instead of relying on repetition with flash cards and drills, Times Tales® uses mnemonic aids for quick and effortless recall of the upper single-digit facts. The Times Tales® Method is even different from other less conventional approaches, like songs and rhymes, by providing a memory cue in the story. I would personally rather have a visual memory cue to recall the answer than to have to go through an entire song in my head to get the answer “sung” out. 

Why the Times Tales® Method Works

kid learning multiplication through video streaming mnemonic, visual times tables method

Right-Brain Approach to Learning Multiplication Facts

With this strategy, kids are better equipped to move on to the next stage in math.  Instead of having to rack their brain when they get stuck (or go through a silly song) they can just remember the story and voilà–the answer pops up like a calculator….like multiplication magicAnd you know what makes these stories even easier to learn? A video!

  • With this strategy, kids are better equipped to move on to the next stage in math.
  • Cuts the time spent on proficiency of the facts to a minimum.
  • Most students remember these facts years later.

Times Tales® Video Overview

Multiplication through Times Tales methodIncludes Fun Multiplication Game Show Quiz

The Times Tales® video is SO cute and so clever and I can personally guarantee that both you AND your children will love it.There’s a gameshow, a host, engaging graphics, and music that you can actually really get into (I know I do). It just feels really themed and fun and makes you want to keep watching… PERFECT for kids! It’s almost like you’re tricking them into doing math but it’s okay since that’s a good thing!The video is broken down into six parts or steps: 

Step 1: Meet the Characters

multiplication chart

This is where your kids will be introduced to all of the characters in the stories they’re about to learn. Mrs. Week is the number 7 and the chair is the number 4!

Step 2: Learn the Stories

Multiplication Stories to Learn the Times Tables

Every story contains 2 characters (the numbers that are being multiplied) and memory cues for the answer. They’re all narrated by Hannah the host and have background music that I  love, so I think you will too. Doesn’t music just make stuff?!

Step 3: Review the Stories

Multiplication Game

Hannah the Host reviews each step with the student to make sure they have that section of the material down. If the student wasn’t able to answer the Multiplication Game Show Quiz, she prompts the student to review that section again before moving on. One of the best things I LOVE about this video is that Hannah does ALL the teaching and it’s self-paced for the student to work through at their individual level. You just sit your child down and play the video. 

Step 4: You’re the Storyteller

Multiplication example of visual math

In this step video will show a picture of the story without the narration or the words and prompt your child to tell the story themselves. When you hear the ding, you pause the video, tell the story the right way, and then resume the video to hear Hannah the host tell the story. 

Step 5: Practice Flashcards

Learn the 7x4 facts

The practice flashcards show flashcards with the characters and a blank space for the answer. It works the same way as Step 4–hear the ding, pause, say the correct answer, and play to see the correct answer pop up on the screen. This is what I like to call the “lightbulb moment” in the video! At this point, students realize that those stories they just learned are really hidden multiplication problems that are magically embedded with the answers! See why I said this is like having a magic calculator?

Step 6: Flashcards

multiplication practice

This is the true test! Flashcards with just the numbers will appear. This time, your child will have to recall the characters that represent the numbers, then recall the story to get the answer!

Division Challenge

division activity

The last step in the videos is the Division Challenge which tests to see if they literally know those stories forwards and backwards! A flashcard appears on the screen with two out of the three parts that make up the story (character x character = number), but this time in reverse order. You’ll see a number and only one character, and your child will have to recall who is missing from the story! This is a great way to visually show the relationship of multiplication and division. 

Try the FREE Times Tales® Sample

Now we’ve gotten to the really good part… There is a free sample of the Times Tales® video!! And you absolutely have to watch it, you will not regret it!

  • The FREE (that’s right, FREE knowledge!) Times Tales® Mini Course teaches kids to memorize 7 x 4 and 9 x 9 with the Times Tales® Method!
  • It takes you through the same 6 Step Method as outlined in the Times Tales® Video Overview for the multiplication tables 7 x 4 and 9 x 9, and it’s only 10 minutes!
  • And if that’s not enough, you can ALSO download a free multiplication chart (numbers 1-12) printable pack! It includes a color guide multiplication chart, a line up game, and practice flash cards!

Not only will you get to see for yourself exactly how Times Tales® works, but you can show your child!! Just press play and watch the joy come across their face when multiplication finally clicks for them!

The Outcome

With Times Tales®, breakdowns turn into breakthroughs and sobfests turn into success! If you would like to live in a world free of multiplication frustration, watch the Times Tales® FREE Mini Course and see the light at the end of the tunnel!


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