The Fast & Easy Way to Memorize Multiplication Facts

The Fast & Easy Way to Memorize Multiplication Facts

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When you think about memorizing multiplication facts, you probably envision painfully boring flashcards being practiced over and over and over again. As adults, most of us remember memorizing the multiplication facts this way. Card after card with an endless sea of numbers until those multiplication facts stuck. And they did stick. Eventually. Sort of. At least most of them did – right? Quick – what’s 6 x 8?

Many adults still hesitate when trying to remember the upper times tables. The reason for this is because they never fully memorized the multiplication facts in the third grade like they were supposed to. Not being able to quickly recall the multiplication facts can lead to years and years of math struggles that carry over into adulthood.

You want to give your child the benefit of a solid math foundation by making sure those multiplication facts are memorized. However, you also want to spare your child the suffering of going through the same rote memorization method you did. Even if you do drill your child to tears, can you even be sure the multiplication facts will stick?

Disclosure: This post was written by a member of the Trigger Memory team – founders of Times Tales, Pet Math and the Kids Chore Chart.

The New & Best Way to Memorize Multiplication Facts

Fortunately, there is a better way. Memorizing the multiplication facts can actually be a fast, easy and fun process with Times Tales. There might still be tears involved, but they will be your own tears of joy and relief instead of your child’s tears of frustration.

Times Tales is an innovative story-based program that is designed to help children quickly and easily memorize the upper multiplication facts. The visual, simple stories provide students with a “memory peg” that allows quick and effortless recall of the upper times tables.


How Times Tales Works

Times Tales teaches the upper multiplication facts with stories. The process for how these stories are used to teach the multiplication facts is amazingly simple and effective.

As with all stories, there are characters, and these characters are introduced at the beginning of the program. Each number is hidden (but easily identified) in a character. Meet the characters below:


After the characters are introduced, they are paired together to create stories that are easy to remember. These stories are silly, goofy and little hokey which make them that much easier to remember when using them to recall the multiplication facts.

As an example, in the story for 7 x 9, the “7” is a character named Mrs. Week and the “9” is the Treehouse character. The story explains that Mrs. Week went to the Treehouse and raked up 6 bags of leaves at 3 o’clock. The answer to 7 x 9 is hidden in the story (63).

Mrs. Week went to the Treehouse. She raked 6 bags of leaves at 3 o’clock. (7 x 9 = 63)

Times Tales uses a multisensory approach to help students memorize the times tables. Students see the characters and stories develop, they hear the stories being told and they actively participate in Game Show style quizzes and reinforcement activities. Take a peek inside to see this out-of-the-box method in action:



How long does it take to Memorize the Multiplication Facts with Times Tales?

Times Tales is divided into two parts. The first part covers the 3’s and 4’s and has eight stories. The second part covers the 6’s, 7’s, 8’s and 9’s and has ten stories. It is recommended to complete Part 1 and then wait at least a week before completing Part 2.

The Times Tales® Video is available in 2 formats: USB/flashdrive or digital streaming 2-year license with printable reinforcements. Most students master all the upper, single-digit multiplication facts in as little as two weeks. However, some students need additional reinforcements which is why Times Tales offers bundles. Watch this short video guide to find the best fit for your student. CLICK to learn more about the products in this video.


If you choose the video version, each part consists of a 30 minute video (including a Game Show style quiz), along with printable reinforcement activities. You can choose which printable reinforcements your child needs and can redo them as often as needed. Below is a sample of some of the printables included with the Times Tales Program.

Many students will need to watch the video a couple of times to ensure the stories and related facts really sink in, but a lot of students have them memorized after just watching the video once! The workbook version has the same stories, but they are read instead of watched in a video.

When using the Times Tales program, most students will have their upper multiplication facts mastered in as little as two weeks!

Times Tales Works!

Times Tales has been used by thousands of parents and teachers and has literally hundreds of overwhelmingly positive reviews from amazed parents and teachers. Just a few of these honest reviews are listed below:

  1. “My 4th grader, and 2nd grader (who had never even done multiplication before) both learned their times tables in a matter of days. Yes, we made fun of it. Yes, we laughed at the hokey graphics. And yes, it totally worked. Math has been easier and way faster! I’d actually rate this product as the best math curriculum I’ve ever purchased. Do yourself a favor. Buy this product.” Erin F.
  1. “It works!! After working on times tables all summer, my son was still not getting several of the “harder” ones…mostly 6, 7, and 8. After just 2 weeks of using this program, he was able to do ALL his times tables without a hitch!! Now we’re able to move onto division with confidence!” – Kimberly M. 
  1. Times Tales helped me too! My daughter has ADHD and mundane tasks such as memorizing multiplication facts pose major challenges for her. With the innovative style Times Tales uses in telling a story for each multiplication problem, she has been able to recall the answers to all the problems from the first part in only a few days! It has helped me as well as I never took the time as a child to memorize every part of the multiplication table. Now the stories are just popping into my head and the answers are readily apparent. It’s spooky good!”
  1. “I finally found something that works! My 4th grader has had a difficult time memorizing her times tables. I tried flashcards and workbooks. Nothing worked… until Times Tales! Now she has memorized ALL of the times tables. It only took a few weeks. It even helped ME with the ones that I always got tripped up on. This was a life saver. Thank you!” – Linn
  1. “Amazing! Honestly I wasn’t sure I believed all of the hype but I decided to try it anyway. We were BLOWN AWAY with the results! My daughter remembered all of her upper times tables (the ones that have always given me trouble!!) Her confidence is soaring and she’s so proud of how much she knows now. I am thrilled with this product and share it with everyone we talk to!” – Morgan E.

For more honest Times Tales reviews, check out the Times Tales Reviews page or the Times Tales reviews on Amazon.

Read the story of my own daughter’s experience with Times Tales in our blog post, How Memorizing Multiplication Facts Made My Child’s Confidence Soar.



The days of “drill and kill” are over (thankfully!). There is a better way to memorize the multiplication facts. Times Tales was designed by two thoughtful homeschooling moms who understand what other moms and teachers want in a multiplication program – a fast, easy and fun method to memorize the multiplication facts. They are so sure that Times Tales will work for your child that they offer a 30 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose and multiplication mastery to gain!

To learn more about the Times Tales Sisters and their story of developing Times Tales, read our blog post, Two Sisters Create Multiplication Stories to Make Memorizing the Times Tables Fast, Easy & Fun.

Times Tales also offers a FREE sample of their amazing program. Give it a try today!



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Memorize Multiplication Facts with Times Tales

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