Veteran Homeschool Moms Fill in the Gap

Veteran Homeschool Moms Fill in the Gap

Trigger Sisters Homeschool Press Release

COVID-19 Causes Sudden High Demand for Homeschooling Curriculum Offered by Trigger Memory Co.

*We are proud that ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS and many other reputable sites have featured our press release! The full press release is printed below.* Disclosure: This post was written by a member of the Trigger Memory team – founders of Times Tales, Pet Math and the Kids Chore Chart.

It has quickly become apparent that toilet paper isn’t the only run on products due to the Novel Coronavirus. Sudden school closures caused by the Coronavirus pandemic have left thousands of parents scrambling to provide some sort of continued education at home, with little to no direction from many school districts. As such, small educational companies, such as the sister-owned Trigger Memory Co., have seen an overnight spike in demand for supplemental, educational products that can offer a continuum of education for children during this time of quarantine. The sister-owned company is currently offering their Times Tales Sample for FREE, and will be providing more freebies during the school closures.

“Our visual learning products have always been a popular resource within the homeschool and learning disability community for students with dyslexia and/or dyscalculia,” says co-owner and author, Jennie Winters. “However, due to the sudden influx of parents now homeschooling their children, our unconventional, educational products are getting an unprecedented amount of exposure.”

Veteran homeschool sisters, Marillee Flanagan and Jennie Winters, were homeschool moms in the trenches of schooling their eight children when they founded Trigger Memory Co. 17 years ago. The sisters stated their company took off when they developed an innovative, visual multiplication program called Times Tales®. This unusual, visual-learning method for teaching the times tables has not only caught on within the homeschool community, but has become increasingly popular with special education teachers, tutors and public schools in the U.S. and Canada.

Times Tables Mastery


For the past 17 years the sisters have continued to “break the rules” of the traditional teaching methods, by offering more products that focus on new, unconventional ways for children to learn. Their latest brainchild, launched this year, is the Pet Math Workbook for grades 3 – 5. This pet themed workbook teaches children how to apply math in everyday real-life scenarios that come with owning a pet.

“We created the Pet Math workbook after hearing feedback from many of our homeschool moms wanting more real-life applicable math for their kids,” says author Jennie Winters. “In each lesson of Pet Math, the student has to apply their math skills to compute costs for buying pet supplies, veterinarian expenses, grooming costs, and even poop scooper duty. The lesson is relevant to many students’ interests (animals) yet still supports math literacy in a fun, cheeky, and engaging way.”

Initially, the owners admitted they were a little hesitant about including the scooper duty lesson in their math workbook. “In the end we decided to keep the scooper section, since it’s with our company vision to offer out-of-the-box learning that is engaging and fun for children,” says author Jennie Winters.

Today, the owners are confident they will continue to keep up with the high demand for their products during this time of school closures and quarantines. The company has already heard that a couple of their large warehouse distributors, such as Amazon, are advising they will not be replenishing inventories of educational materials during the pandemic, as they are not currently deemed “essential” products.

In this situation, the sisters indicate that being a home-based, family business allows them to continue with fulfillment of orders during the quarantine phase. “As long as the Post Office continues to stay open, we will continue to ship to our customers,” says co-owner Marillee Flanagan. “We truly believe every child should have access to education during these unprecedented times.”

Although their products have been a hidden gem within the homeschooling community for many years, the masses that have temporarily turned to homeschooling have offered them widespread exposure for their products and resources. The homeschool veteran moms are grateful their niche publishing company is in a position to play its part to fill in the educational gap caused by the widespread school closures. The sisters are hoping that with this increased awareness of unconventional educational products like theirs, a greater number of parents and schools will become more open to alternative learning methods.

Visit to learn more about the Trigger Memory Co. and to try the FREE Times Tales Sample.

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Social distancing has turned many parents into instant homeschoolers. Two veteran homeschool moms help fill in the gap with their out-of-the-box learning products.



    Jennie Winters is the creator and co-author of the Times Tales®, Pet Math, Memory Triggers, and Zone Cleaning for Kids. Jennie is a veteran homeschool mother to four who now enjoys spending her time writing out-of-the-box educational materials for children. When Jennie isn't developing new products, she enjoys painting, traveling and hanging out by the lake.

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