Multiplication….Discovering What Works and What Doesn’t

Multiplication….Discovering What Works and What Doesn’t

  As the co-author of Times Tales, I have learned many things in this in the past 16 years…especially anything having to do with multiplication. Through the years of running our business and selling thousands of copies of a multiplication program, my partner (who also happens to be my sister) and I, have heard and read literally hundreds of testimonials and feedback from parents and teachers regarding the subject of children learning their times tables.

Learning multiplication tables can be a huge frustration to both parents and children. We’ve heard many stories of the heartbreak of kids that feel like a failure as a result of not being able to overcome this math hurdle. Parents have shared their own frustration of trying everything (songs, rhymes, flashcards, etc.) and nothing seems to work, or should I say “stick”. Fortunately, most of these stories are the pictures painted from the perspective of the “before picture”. The “after picture” is almost always one of great success and accomplishment! We are forever grateful that so many of you have shared with us your triumphs and experiences with Times Tales through the years.

Times Tables Mastery

Here are a few a few things we have learned from all of you:

  1. If children do not get their times tables mastered (ie: completely memorized), this can result in years of falling behind in math and even embarrassment.
  2. Some children actually cry when it’s time to work on multiplication.
  3. A few children were a bit traumatized from the 8 x 3 story when Mrs. Snowman melted. We weren’t too sure about using that originally, but it sure does make a strong mnemonic. Don’t worry, I can assure you Mrs. Snowman was revived in later stories.
  4. Many parents have told us that they never fully learned the hardest times tables when they were kids, but finally had them memorized through Times Tales…after all these years!
  5. The youngest child we’ve ever heard master their upper multiplication through Times Tales, was four years old. We only heard that once through the years, but HAVE HEARD many five year olds learning it along with their older siblings.

    A 5 year old masters the times tables.
  6. We have teachers that have been using the same program with their classroom for years! Yes, many of the classroom programs are non-consumable and license free!
  7. Literally thousands of children with dyslexia and dyscalculia have been able to master their times tables through our program—often times when nothing else worked.

In closing, kids learning the times tables doesn’t have to be painstaking or time consuming….IF it is taught in a different way. Right-brain, visual, and fun…that really is the key to making anything stick in the brain much more efficiently.

If you want to get the times tables mastered right at the start of school – so you can move on to bigger and better math – get the Times Tales Mastery Bundle…it’s everything you need in one kit!

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There are a lot of things that don't work when kids try to memorize the times tables. Stop wasting time and find out what does work! #multiplication



    Jennie Winters is the creator and co-author of the Times Tales®, Pet Math, Memory Triggers, and Zone Cleaning for Kids. Jennie is a veteran homeschool mother to four who now enjoys spending her time writing out-of-the-box educational materials for children. When Jennie isn't developing new products, she enjoys painting, traveling and hanging out by the lake.

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